commercial EPoxy Flooring

Ensure the smooth and safe operation of your Covington, LA warehouse or distribution facility with our industrial grade, hardwearing epoxy floor coatings.

warehouse Floor Finishes

With our epoxy floor finishes, you will not only improve the performance of your warehouse, but you will also portray a clean and professional environment for your staff, clients and visitors.

Solid Color Floor Finish

Solid epoxy colors are the most common in warehouses and commercial properties with high foot traffic. We use 100% solid epoxy, sealed with UV stable polyaspartic topcoat to create the ultimate floor protection. Together with our floor preparation, these floors are guaranteed to provide a maintenance-free solution for every busy warehouse while protecting the concrete slab from wear and tear. 100% solids epoxy comes in bright light reflective colors, which improve lighting and safety in your facility. We can also incorporate an anti-slip agent into the final coat to provide an anti-slip surface.

Epoxy Flake Floor Finish

Epoxy flake is the most durable epoxy floor system on the market. This multi-layered floor system is waterproof, stain proof, scratch, chip and abrasion resistant, protecting your warehouse concrete floors and concrete joints from damage. Epoxy flake flooring also has a decorative finish, making it great for warehouse areas accessible to your clients. It has an orange peel like surface that provides a slight anti-slip. Epoxy flake is easy to maintain and clean, allowing you to invest your money in your business.

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